Founded and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Analytics Adventure’s mission is to provide first-rate data science services and analytics utilizing advanced data mining techniques to depict trends and identify actionable insights.

Subhash, the CEO, possesses a Master of Science in Decision Analytics from Virginia Commonwealth University. Through the unique combination of his education and industry experience, he designs novel solutions that fit the bill and achieve maximum revenue and savings potential for his clients. Subhash utilizes his extensive professional network to gain a deep understanding of his client’s problems and then tailors well-thought out solutions – always keeping an eye on his client’s industry while pulling on the knowledge of industry experts. Our talented team combines their skill set to deliver solutions with results.

Subhash has overseen and executed successful projects in the marketing, human resources, healthcare, sales and retail industries.

Highlighted projects:

-Application development that provided key student achievement analytics to the Department of Education;
-Creation of a risk model that allowed his client to achieve zero risk credit approval lending, using previously overlooked factors revealed by transactional data mining (est. worth of $2 million for the client)
-Created a potential of $1.6 million in waste reduction for a retail client by munging data to predict sales and product usage
-Created a proactive Tenant Match system that successfully paired home-seekers with landlords, removing the legwork for both the renter and landlord


-Subhash Jaini has 6 years of consulting experience in supply chain, web development, agriculture, marketing, HR, defense, and life sciences.  He truly enjoys solving complex problems with whatever tool or method can provide the consistent, sensible, accurate, and practical solution. He is energetic and excited to brainstorm with your team.