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DayCare the BoardGame

Ultimate Board Game Simulator

Analytics Adventures modeled an Ultimate Board Game Simulator to create an ideal board game environment by running thousands of simulations on the initial board game concept. The model showed us the problems with the initial game concept, providing an overall view of all game aspects and where optimization was required. Our Board Game Simulator goes above and beyond the standard table, view or model levels of common simulators. The ultimate takeaway from our Simulator: it can determine what constraints, rules or mechanics will have a positive impact on the game experience.

Subhash came up with the idea for the Board Game Simulator after playing a game that was developed by a friend. He wanted to apply a simulation to the entire board game to determine what rules, mechanics, and constraints would create the best version of a game where so much randomness existed. He instantly saw the business applications of such a complex simulator that takes a new holistic view of a problem.


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