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HAIDIS – Educational Performance Evaluator

 How Am I Doing in School (HAIDIS)? – Educational Performance Evaluator

How Am I Doing in School (HAIDIS) is an educational performance evaluator. This application takes the existing methods of student achievement comparison to the next level by accounting for external factors impacting the student environment (i.e. class, race, gender, ability, etc.). This tool can truly inform students, teachers, and government how students are performing relative to their peers.

HAIDIS challenges the assumption that all students can be compared to each other based on defined Standards of Learning (SOL) percentiles. It adds another layer by learning from state data to determine a student’s true percentile based on their environmental factors – looking at a student’s situation from a holistic perspective.

For example, a student from a school in a low-income area may test well when compared to a group of their peers from the same school; however, they may fall short in college entrance exams when compared to students across the country because of external factors. HAIDIS provides a more accurate picture of how the student is doing when accounting for external variables and presents insights gained from comparing students impacted by similar external events.

Subhash hatched the idea for HAIDIS when Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, announced a Datathon competition. The challenge? Use public data for good. Subhash was inspired to create an application that would level the playing field for Virginia students and considered the impacts of gender, age, disability and race. He wanted students to be able to compare themselves to their realistic peers, and not just national averages.

You can view the application and development story for HAIDIS here:

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