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Optimal Sandwich – A Nutritional Target Application

Optimal Sandwich – A Nutritional Target Application

Optimal Sandwich generates the best combination of calories to meet a health target, using Panera sandwich ingredients as an example1. Optimal Sandwich provides sandwich combinations with minimum and maximum ranges of common ingredient label watching concerns, including calories, protein, carbs, fiber, sugar, fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Users can easily add or remove ingredients from the application to achieve their targets across all ingredient areas and can watch the impact on ingredient changes in real time.

Our founder, Subhash, was inspired to create the algorithm behind Optimal Sandwich while standing in line at Panera deciding what to order. He wanted a low-calorie option, but also a filling and appetizing choice. He couldn’t settle on the existing menu items and started thinking about an algorithm that would take the nutritional information of each possible ingredient and optimize the best choice. Shortly after, Optimal Sandwich was developed.

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  • Optimal Sandwich is not endorsed by Panera Bread
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