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SOAR: The Data-Driven Training Application That Will Improve Your Organization’s Decision Making


Analytics Adventures’ new cutting-edge training application, Skills Optimization and Aptitude Resource (SOAR) is a tool that utilizes your data to identify and close decision-making training gaps within your organization, helping you increase productivity and efficiency.

Improved Decision Making

SOAR uses your organization’s existing data to train your staff to make better decisions. With SOAR, Analytics Adventures will create a model of your organization’s data in order to generate new scenarios that will test your employees’ ability to make decisions and reinforce best practices. These scenarios will be anonymized examples of real-world situations your employees encounter in the course of day-to-day tasks specific to your company.

Stronger Organizational Understanding

By implementing SOAR in your organization, we will learn about the things most important to your success and share the results with you. Plus, SOAR incorporates your employee’s answers through our test scenarios and learns where biases exist so we can provide recommendations for targeted training, helping to bridge gaps in employee performance.

Engaged Employees

SOAR is designed to get your team excited about training by tracking high scores on its Leader Board and keeping them engaged by generating friendly competition.

How We Can Help you SOAR

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries can benefit from learning more about itself and improving training. Examples of SOAR implementations include:

-Insurance coverage decisions
-Lending decisions
-Customer success teams
-Fundraising development targeting

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To get more information about SOAR or to request a demo, contact Subhash Jaini at or 804-836-3109.

Download our SOAR white paper: Analytics_Adventures_SOAR_2017



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