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Weather Data Set

Analytics Adventures created a previously non-existing weather data set that can be used for predictive weather modeling. Upon review of the National Weather Source, which is not user-friendly, we created a Virginia weather data set that incorporates both historical and current weather data, which is continuously updated with ongoing weather information. We will be donating this data set to the Commonwealth of Virginia for research purposes.

Weather-Enhanced Prediction Model

Analytics Adventures Weather Prediction Model can predict how weather affects your customers, target customers, products, travel, supply, and demand. What makes our weather predictive different than the others? We incorporated current weather information in addition to past weather data for better analytics.

Subhash was working on a predictive model for a client when he realized that the existing model was limited if the client could not understand the impacts of weather on their business. He then took on the task of ingesting historical weather data and continuously updating the model with current weather data for implementation. This approach provided new value for the client, as Subhash created a new data source that had much more predictive value than simply amassing past weather data.

This model has countless applications in every business sector – nearly everything we do is impacted by weather, whether it is the demand for your product, shipping times or availability of your supplies.

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