Quantitative & Weather Enhanced Forecasting Models

How it Will Help your Business

There are endless uses for predictive analytics in all sectors. If you are trying to guess a future outcome, or understand how different variables can impact your business, you need to be using predictive analytics.

These applications can provide you with predictive graphs, charts and estimates that are easy to understand and will help you make well informed decisions. For example, these models are commonly used to predict customer behavior and inform customer relationship management.

Our Weather Data Set

Analytics Adventures created a previously non-existing weather data set that can be used for predictive weather modeling. This has countless practical applications.

What these applications can do for your company:
-Predict what action a customer will take in a given scenario;
-Predict future events based on existing data;
-Reveal correlations between variables in your data; and
-Show you how weather, market fluctuations, changes in customer profiles and other variables impact your operations and profits.

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